After facing intense backlash on social media over its advertisement, well-known jewellery brand of India, Tanishq has taken off the commercial which was promoting their newly launched collection 'Ekatvam'.

The ad showed marriage between an inter-caste couple, which was not well-received by the internet users.

The ad narrated a story of a Hindu daughter-in-law married into a Muslim household, heavily pregnant as her mother-in-law hosts a baby shower for her.

The message of the ad was to show love and unity amid all the religions.

In no time internet users took a dig at the ad and compared it to love-jihad, followed by the theories of Hindu-Muslim agenda surfacing on the internet.

Twitter was trending with #BoycottTanishq. Now Tanishq has taken down the ad considering the amount of hate they were receiving.


Twitter users who were supporting the ad campaign are not happy with Tanishq deleting the ad.

They feel there was nothing wrong or misleading in the ad, rather it was a vey sweet and loving campaign.

Internet users took over to Twitter account to express their disapointment towards Tanishq for taking down the commercial.