This Ranchi man’s name is Saddam Hussein, and no one wants him to work for them, despite the fact that he is a rank holder. He has been hunting for a job for three years.


Saddam Hussein pursued Maritime Business Management at Noorul Islam University in Tamil Nadu in 2014. He even secured the second rank in his course. Since then he has been trying for a job in the ships. First six months he did not even get a call back from the companies. Then when he enquired with the HRs of the companies, he got a shock of his life that no one was getting back to him because of his name.


The HR of a company had even said that the ships travel abroad and it is an international business, and they did not want any trouble. Saddam was even told that even Shah Rukh Khan had to undergo physical search and they sure did not want any problem.


Thus, not finding any other way out, he gave an affidavit and changed his name to Sajid. Still, his problem was not solved as all his educational certificates had his original name- Saddam Hussein. Thus now he has appealed to the High Court to allow him to change his name from all his documents, as soon as possible.