The moment, which has been captured by the media, shows former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav standing next to his father, while Modi leans close to hear what Mulayam Singh had to say. Moments after hearing what he had to say, PM Modi is seen bursting out in laughter.

The Twitter since then has gone crazy, wondering what Mulayam had to tell Modi. The Telegraph in the meantime has spoken to its BJP source, who was at the stage and has revealed that he overheard the veteran UP leader tell PM Modi to take care of his son Akhilesh.

"Thoda Akhilesh ka khayal rakhiye," is what Mulayam reportedly told Modi. However, it does not end here.

Later, Mulayam even asked the former UP CM to come over. Akhilesh then walks over to PM Modi and shakes hands with him. Here apparently Mulayam put his hand over their locked palms and reportedly said:

"Inko sikhaiye (Teach him please)."

In the meantime, Twitterati also have come up with their own explanations on what must have transpired between the two:

Vishal Kumar Gupta‏ @vishalkumarg87 

Mulayam Singh whispered something into Modi's ear after which the Prime Minister broke into a hearty laugh


Gabbar‏ @ojas_ojas27

mulayam to modi: eh hamar beitan ka bhi kuch kam dilvai diyo.. aur kuch galti hua ho to bade dil se maaf kar diyo


Amar Singh‏ @AmarSin57925548  

Do you remember mulayam whispering in mr.modi's ear?
   He was requesting Mr. Modi to give some mantra to Akhilesh to be obedient andhumble 


Nishant Asthana‏ @NishuVibhu7  

After 'Why did Kattappa kill Bahubali?' 
The most curious question is now ' What did Mulayam say in Modi's Ear?😀
#YogiAdityanath #GharKaDarr