A team of Rajasthan Police busted an extortion racket in Jaipur on Saturday. This gang was blackmailing men with false rape allegations and made them bleed money. Police’s Special Operations Group (SOG) confirmed that this group extorted ₹ 12 – 15 crore from approximately 25 people.


Two Jaipur-based lawyers were also involved with this group. They used women to honey-trap their targets. They used to blackmail their targets for money. If any of them refused to pay, then they lodged fake rape case complaints against the targets.


They used to come in as media representatives saying that they have the footages of the targets getting involved sexually with the women.  


A doctor from Jaipur actually had to spend 75 days in jail and also pay a sum of ₹ 1 crore to these miscreants for no reason at all.


If the money was paid during a trial, the girl used to turn hostile inside the court.


Akshat Sharma, Vijay, who is better known as Sonu Sharma, Naveen Devani, lawyer, Anand Shandilya (the other lawyer) and Nitesh Bandhu Sharma were the people who were arrested on Saturday. Devani and Shandilya were the minds behind this extortion ring.


Among these, Akshat, Vijay and few more used to get girls from Jaipur, Ajmer, Himachal Pradesh and parts of Uttarakhand.