The Indian Air Force today successfully conducted its longest-range BrahMos missile test from onboard the Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jet. 

According to a report in India Today, the Su-30MKI from the Thanjavur-based Tigersharks squadron took off from an air base in northern India, refuelled mid-air and then struck a ship target in Indian Ocean from a distance of 300km.

The report further said that the intended target was taken out in the precision strike. 

The Sukhoi-30MKI have a combat radius of almost 1,500km without mid-air refuelling. The addition of the BrahMos adds a lethal punch to the fighter jet's abilities.

The BrahMos cruise missile, which was jointly produced by India and Russia, was first tested in 2001. Since then, the deadly missile has been updgraded from multiple platforms based on land, sea and air.

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