A shoe was hurled at Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi during his rally in Uttar Pradesh. While riding in an open jeep in Sitapur town and waving at the crowd, a shoe came flying at his vehicle.


However, it missed him and hit the person standing behind him. According to reports, Anoop Mishra, a journalist, is the shoe thrower and has been arrested for his act. A report from the NDTV said that Mishra was heard saying, “Congress has left the country in the dumps in the past 60 years. I have been a journalist for two years and I know...What were they doing when they were in power?


Gandhi later reacted saying "BJP-RSS spread hatred but Congress and I operate with love, we will stick to that.” The rally, which he addressed today, was a part of his month-long 'Kisan-Yatra' - an initiative to reach out to the farmers in the state ahead of the elections.

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