Bengaluru: The cinema theatres in Karnataka had stopped operations seven months ago because of the COVID-19 induced lockdown enforced by the government.

However, the theatres were allowed to operate from October 15 subject to certain conditions. Accordingly, films began to be screened in various towns and cities in the state.

But the audience response has been disheartening though it has been more than a week since the cinema theatres opened.

The theatres have been waiting to receive the audience, but the movie-goers seem to be keeping a distance from the theatres.

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Films like Love Mocktail, Shivaji Surathkal, Shivarjuna, Mayabazar 2016 and Kaanadanthe Mayavadanu had been re-released in single screens and multiplexes during the last week.

More films are in the line to be screened in the coming week. The films that will be exhibited this week will be Kurukshetra, KGF, Tagaru, Rajkumar, Kotigobba 3, Damayanthi, Diya and some more.

Some exhibitors feel that the audience response has been better but not to the extent expected by them.

Exhibitors point out that the films being screened now are the old ones which have already been seen by the people on OTT and television. They feel that the audience response would have been far better if new films of stars were released.