ARG Outlier, the parent company of Republic TV Network, has filed an application in the Bombay High Court alleging that the Mumbai Police physically tortured Ghanshyam Singh, the channel's assistant vice president for distribution, while in custody in connection with the TRP scam case.

Detailing the alleged physical torture, the application stated: "Mr Singh was barbarically hit and whipped with a thick belt that was kept in the room. Mr Singh was forced to extend his hand before the police officers and he was whipped by a chakki belt three times (twice on the right hand and once on the. left hand). It is clear that the methods of torture were preplanned and put in place even before Mr Singh's questioning commenced, given the room was already laden with torture tools."

The application also states that Ghanshyam Singh was allegedly mentally tortured and threatened with harm to his physical well-being in order to compel him in the to narrate falsehoods and implicate himself and ARG in the TRP Scam case.

Ghanshyam was reportedly pressurised multiple times to parrot a premeditated script to 'self-incriminate and incriminate' Republic TV, but when he did not give in to the pressure tactics deployed by the Mumbai Police, he was threatened and taken to a room with torture tools and lashed multiple times. 

Procedural lapses and human rights abuse

The application also details procedural lapses and abuse of human rights of an in-custody person.

The application states, "... He (Ghanshyam) was encircled by police officials. The Police officer then reiterated his threat by saying "Aap aase nahin manoge..." and "...Abhi batao, tum paise diye, aap mile the inse..." while referring to an individual who Mr Singh did not know. Explicit attempts were made to compel Mr Singh to narrate falsehoods or face severe consequences."

"In a frightening pattern as mentioned above during Mr Singh's custody, where he was tortured, despite narrating true facts, the Mumbai Police repeatedly changed the statement given by Mr Singh and asked Mr Singh to sign them. Before Mr Singh's court appearances for hearing of his remand/bail applications, the police officers would not let Mr Singh read his statements and would force him to sign the said document."

"Mr Singh was left with deep bruises and injury marks on his hand following the assault on him in custody. All due process was disregarded, procedural safeguards were sidelined and a horrific, horrendous and heinous exercise to assault him in custody, torture, harm and physically break him down were undertaken."

In the previous hearing of the pending plea, the High Court had allowed ARG to amend its plea to challenge the chargesheet filed by the Mumbai Police.

Ghanshyam was also granted bail from the Mumbai Sessions Court on Saturday.