Salman Khan's new movie Race 3 has been the most anticipated movie of Bollywood, this year. Ever since the trailer was released, it has millions of views on it on social media. Salman's fans might have loved the power packed action scenes in the trailer. However, the movie trailer has been trending on the internet for all the wrong reasons. Race 3 is now a subject of various memes and trolls on the internet. From its action scenes to the dialogues in the movie trailer, have been trolled. Let's agree to the fact that we all enjoyed it!

First, the action scenes from the movie were -Salman Khan's hand missile shooting and Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman Khan literally flying in the air were trolled heavily. But this isn't where it gets funny. The most trolled part of the movie is Daisy Shah's dialogue in the film - “Our Business Is Our Business, None Of Your Business”. Yes, folks! That dialogue is not a part of the bloopers of Race 3 but exists for real!  

Daisy Shah became an internet sensation overnight. Salman along with Daisy took to the internet and backlashed all the haters online. Daisy Shah's dialogue is a part of every meme and troll.


Now, you know what the whole meme fest is about.