Muscat: A pregnant lady boarded a flight not knowing that her husband's coffin was on the same flight. Shifana's husband Muhammed Saheer died while playing football. Though he was rushed to Badr Al Samaa hospital, he couldn't be saved. It is reported that the 30-year-old died of a heart attack.

Saheer's friends and relatives informed Shifana that Saheer has symptoms of coronavirus and he is currently in an isolated ward. They added that Shifana won't be able to meet her husband for a few days. They also convinced her to return to her hometown as she needs more care, considering that she was three months pregnant.

Shifana boarded an Air India Express flight from Muscat to Kozhikode. On the same flight, Saheer's coffin was also transported by his friends. They made sure that Shifana did not know that her husband's coffin was on the same flight. 

The duo married six months ago, and it was the first time that Shifana had travelled to Muscat