Policemen out on duty under the scorching sun or pouring rain could soon expect to don 'cool' and smart weather-compliant khaki uniforms. The Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD), a department under the Union Home Ministry to work on subjects related to policing, is conducting a special 'sartorial' improvement project to devise a better 'khaki' for police men and women so that they feel comfortable while out on field.


"We are looking at creating a weather-compliant uniform for the police personnel. We are consulting some specialist organisations in this regard.


"Once some part of it is finalised, we will be contacting various state governments to adopt the new ones as police is a state subject. Similar changes in the texture of the central police forces will also be done," BPRD Additional Director General Parvez Hayat told PTI.


He added the bureau has tied up with a national institute and experts to scientifically choose the texture of the cloth for the 'khaki' uniform and also suggest some new designs.


So, for a troop working in icy heights like that of Kargil, he said, the texture and cloth material of his combat uniform would be different from his colleague who is working in the plains or a hot-weather area.


BPRD Director (Training) Sundari Nanda said the project is aimed to create a more user-friendly 'khaki' for the cops so that they can easily accommodate their essential gadgets like a walkie-talkie, baton, whistle, handcuffs and other accouterments while on work.


She said the project is being worked upon and soon a report prepared in this regard will be shared with various state governments and the Union Home Ministry.


While various police forces in the country don the characteristic 'khaki' uniform with exceptions like the white uniform worn by Kolkata police, they have different colours and forms of their caps, belts, and shoes.


Nanda said all the accessories used with a uniform like the traditional leather police belt would also undergo a change so that the cop feels comfortable despite wearing it for long hours.


A senior official said special parts like collars and cuffs could also be treated differently in the new uniform as they get dirty very soon owing to sweat and dust.