Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma, the retired judge of Rajasthan High Court, gave out a controversial interview to news channels during his retirement function, held soon after passing the judgement on cow slaughter. Here, he justifies why Cow should be made the  National Animal and refers to a Peacock's 'mating' process to drive home his point. 

Speaking to the TOI, he said, "it is not a matter related to secularism or Hindus. Why we have declared peacock as the national bird, you may ask, as India is a secular country. Peacock too has a quality, let me tell you. Peacock is a lifelong celibate. It never has sex with peahen. Its tears are picked by the peahen to get pregnant and give birth to baby peacock or baby peahen. God Krishna wore peacock feather for this reason. Peacock feather is used by saints and priests and in temples for this reason—its celibacy. Similarly, there are so many qualities in a cow that, as per my religious belief and my heart's feelings, it must be declared a national animal."

Questioning him on his recommendation for life imprisonment for cow slaughter, Justice Sharma said that the states of Gujarat and Chhattisgarh already have life imprisonment for killing cows. "I wish all the states follow my order, although the verdict is restricted to state of Rajasthan only." He further added, "cow is a religious animal. It is the sound of the soul, it is the sound of every person living in India."

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