Bollywood madness hit a new high last week after a 21-year-old youth travelled hundreds of kilometres from Pakistan's Swat region to illegally cross into India. All this, just to fulfil his dream of meeting SRK and Amir Khan, in between, he hoped to watch some Bollywood movies as they are banned in Pakistan. 

Bollywood has always been a contributing factor for the piracy market in Pakistan to flourish, thanks to the 'complicated' relationship shared between India and Pakistan.

Abdullah, a resident of Shahdara Watkey area in Pakistan's Swat region had just one thing in mind, when he packed his bags and took off from Pakistan that was meet the "Khans" of Bollywood and watch as many Bollywood movies as possible. 

He even managed to reach the Wagah border without a visa or for that matter any identity proof. Sadly, he is now cooling his heels in the Amritsar prison, while the security agencies are wondering what to do with him. 

His family members have claimed that Abdullah has always been ardent Bollywood fan. The family is making all efforts to secure his release and have requested Indian officials to free him as a 'goodwill gesture'. 

“From his childhood, Abdullah was impressed by Indian movies and was staunch fan of Indian actors Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan and Kajol and always wanted to meet them,” said Sardar Ali, the elder brother, and Zarawar Khan, father of Abdullah, as quoted by Dawn.

The first official ban on Bollywood dates back to as early as 1965, right after the India-Pakistan war. However, it is claimed that this restriction is what popularised the Bollywood industry in Pakistan. 

In January, the Pakistani cinemas imposed an indefinite ban on  Indian movies after the Indian Film Association put a ban on Pakistani talent in Bollywood.