Bengaluru: Ever since the Citizenship Act was passed, there have been agitation and protests across the nation. In what comes as a shocker, evidence has reportedly been unearthed suggesting that the Popular Front of India (PFI) mobilised funds to the tune of Rs 120 crore during the anti-CAA protests that happened in December last year. 

The whole story behind the riots against the citizenship law has now been revealed, reports have suggested, stating that investigations have shown that it is a planned network that is funding money for such protests.

The Uttar Pradesh Police earlier had said the PFI was actively involved in the recent violence in the state during the anti-CAA protests and said they have enough evidence against the 25 members of the PFI who have been arrested.

Now the new investigations have allegedly revealed the entire story behind the riots along with the planned network that is funding money for such protests.

As per reports, 27 bank accounts were opened in the name of Popular Front of India. 9 bank accounts belong to Rehab India Foundation, an organization associated with PFI and the same organization has opened 37 bank accounts in the name of 17 different people and organisations.

Investigations into the transactions in these 73 bank accounts revealed a lot of information to police. To dodge investigating agencies, about Rs 120 crore was deposited in 73 accounts, but the accounts were emptied leaving a nominal amount in them, reports stated.

Ever since the Citizenship Bill was passed, crores of cash alegedly started flowing into the accounts linked with PFI. However, nobody knows the source of the money. It seems like those who deposited the money were instructed to deposit less than Rs 50,000 at a time, the reports claimed.

The transaction dates in the 15 bank accounts of the PFI also allegedly match the dates of violence, drawing a clear connection between the violent protests and PFI.