Kolkata: A woman was found with the body of her deceased brother and sister at home. The incident was reported from Lala Babu Sawyer Road in Belur. Upon receiving the news, police arrived at the spot.

According to sources, Manoranjan Sen, a retired railway worker, used to live with his two sisters in a two-storey house in the area. Manoranjan never mingled with the people of the locality much. People in the area had been smelling something rotten for over a week.

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On September 30, the locals informed the police after smelling something foul. Police broke down the door and entered the house. The officials were shocked when they saw the younger sister Anita sitting next to the bodies of her deceased brother and sister.

Police are investigating the cause of death. The reason why Anita did not inform the neighbours or relatives after the deaths is still a mystery. Anita has been sent to hospital for treatment. Belur Police have sent the two bodies for autopsy.