A senior citizen in his 70s, Bijoy Sil, has been sent to judicial custody for a month in Kolkata by a family court after he failed to pay alimony to his wife in legal tender. 


The retired engineer was fighting a case of separation from his wife for several years in the family court, and he was ordered to pay an amount of ₹8000 per month as alimony.


However, from the last four years, he has failed to pay the amount and by this November the amount accumulated to ₹2.25 lakh. 


The family members of Sil, paid the amount in banned ₹500 and ₹1000 notes which the wife refused to accept. Sil's counsel Pratap Chandra Dey contended that the banned currency can be exchanged till 30 December, but the court refused to accept this plea. 


Following this, the family members of Sil offered the amount in cheque or demand draft to which also the wife refused to accept. 


Then the family court judge sent the old man to jail for a month. 


Sil's advocate confirmed that they will appeal in Calcutta high court to challenge this order.