In an unexpected move Chirag Patel, once an associate of Patidar campaigner Hardik Patel joined the BJP today. Accusing Hardik Patel of hijacking the community's agitation for self-promotion, misappropriating funds and becoming an agent of the Congress, Chirag became the reason for a major damage in Hardik's party.

Chirag, according to NDTV, said, "This agitation is being used not for the interest of society but for personal ambition." He is the third prominent leader after  Varun and Reshma Patel joined BJP last month. Incidentally, Chirag Patel was among the founder members of the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti, or PAAS, spearheaded by Hardik Patel. Chirag had also accompanied him to jail after being charged for sedition.

Angry at being sidelined by the organisation, Chirag and Ketan Patel came out in the public and said that Hardik was using the movement in amassing wealth. Incidentally, Chirag's induction into the party is aligned with BJP's intention of looping in the Patel community. The Saurashtra region, which has a significant population of Patidars, accounts for 58 of Gujarat's 182 Assembly seats. In the last elections, the BJP had won 37 and Congress had won 16 seats in the region. 

Chirag Patel said that the Congress had diverted the agitation in their favour by using Hardik, who only ants to satisfy his personal ambitions. He said, "After the sex CDs of Hardik have emerged, it is not possible for me to remain silent. This entire episode is a blot on the community."