Pathanamthitta: A confession has come about in the Kerala snake-bite murder. The accused and deceased woman's husband Sooraj has admitted to media that he killed his wife Uthra.

Sooraj made the revelation in front of the media when he was taken to his home by the investigating team to collect evidence. Earlier, when he was brought home for the first time after his arrest to collect evidence, he had told the media that he hadn't committed any crime but has now sung a different tune admitting that he was responsible for the killing of his wife.

When media asked whether his family is also involved in the crime, he said his family is not connected to his wife’s murder. Sooraj also added that he bought snakes with the intention of killing Uthra.

Another accused in the case, Suresh, who provided Sooraj the snakes, also told the media that he didn't know that Sooraj had bought the snake to kill his wife.

The murder:

On May 7, Uthra died of snakebite at her house in Kollam. After 4 hours of police questioning, Uthra's husband Sooraj confessed to killing his wife using a cobra. It is also reported that Sooraj bought two snakes for Rs 10,000 to kill his wife.

Sooraj on March 2 tried killing Uthra at his house using another snake, but his attempt failed.