CPI(M) MLA VK Prasanth in Kerala is praised by netizens after he requested people to give him books instead of flowers. The MLA also promised the people that those books received would be donated to libraries of various government schools in the constituency.

The Vattiyoorkavu MLA earlier was popularly known as “Mayor Bro” after his active participation in flood relief activities during the natural calamity in August 2018. Now, Mayor Bro is known as "MLA Bro".

On November 14, the MLA requested the people of his constituency to donate books to him. According to him, the legislator had been approached by local government schools, who had sought his help to set up libraries for their students.

The MLA has also shared pictures of a rally in his constituency, where we can see people donating books to him. He had also announced that he had received over 3,500 books, which he would be handing over to the government schools in his constituency. He also thanked those who backed the cause. Similarly, in 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had also asked people to give him books instead of flowers.