Bengaluru: As traffic cops have been focusing on catching hold of drivers and riders violating COVID-19 norms, citizens have been careless regarding traffic safety measures.

Riders and pillion riders across the state are failing to use helmets since the last few months.

In order to bring back the strict rules the Transport Department has issued a circular to all Regional Transport Offices (RTO) to seize the licences of rule breakers for a minimum period of three months.

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This rule by the Transport Department was made long ago, however the Transport Department has advised all RTOs to take the order seriously and seize licenses of those who do not wear helmets while riding.

In a letter to all the RTOs last week, N Shivakumar, Commissioner of Transport and Road Safety has asked to provide details regarding enforcing the rule by 5th of every month.

The Commissioner has sought details such as the number of cases booked, cases of driving license suspension, recommended by the traffic police and the total number of driving licenses suspended.