The Rajasthan High Court's recommendation of life imprisonment for cow slaughter is a tad bit harsh. But what followed would surely lift your mood. Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma of the Rajasthan High Court, on his last day in the service, amused India with his hilarious take on sex and the reproduction of peacocks.

Speaking to reporters, he claimed that peacocks do not have sex to reproduce.

Then how do they multiply in numbers, you ask? His answer will send you looking for a support to lean on. The peahen, it seems, drinks the teardrops of the peacock to get pregnant. Well sir, with all due respect to mythology, we aren't living in that world. In this world, things are practical...and biological. Or did you confuse reproduction with photosynthesis? (Animals cannot grow from just water, sir.) 

We are not questioning your wisdom, but....really?

Anyways, in an attempt to make you better informed, we must tell you that there are videos online and you could also use a few textbooks to brush up your knowledge on Biology. We are sure the knowledge, much like files lying unattended in courts, is there buried under the years of experience as a judge.

And while your sentiments on cows is well understood, let's not complicate the situation any more. The country is already in turmoil because of the merciless thrashing, and sometimes murder, of people, some of whom were engaged in the legal trading of cattle, in the name of 'gau raksha'.

We have no issues in declaring the cow as the national animal, if only to restore the peace. But just for our information, Justice Sharma: How many teardrops does it take, exactly, for the peahen to get pregnant?



Meanwhile, Twitter is exploding with hilarious jokes on the Peacocks Sharma-made 'crisis'. Here are a few for the reader's food for thought: