Swaraj, who spoke to the Indian ambassador to Poland Ajay Bisaria regarding the assault on an Indian student in Poznan city whose name was not disclosed, has now sought a report on the incident.


Initial reports had claimed that the Indian had died after the brutal attack. On Twitter, Amit Agnihotri, approached tagged Swaraj and the ministry to a media report that said an Indian student was “beaten to death” in Poznan city of Poland.


Following which Swaraj tweeted: "There was an incident of beating. Fortunately, he has survived. We are inquiring into all aspects of the incident," she tweeted.

Bisaria had earlier tweeted, "Prelim enquiry suggests student attacked in Poznan tram on Wed. Thank God, he survived. Getting details." 


Agnihotri later posted: “Racist issue similar to USA, the person shouted at him and then start hitting.”