A 40-year-old Indian woman was abducted in Kabul on Thursday night outside her office in the Qala-e-Fatullah area of the city.The NGO worker, who has been identified as Judith D’souza, was reportedly working with an international NGO called the Agha Khan Network. She has been working in Kabul for over a year and was to return to India on June 15.


According to media reports, her phone remained switched on for some time after she was abducted and no ransom demands have been made so far. An official source from the Indian Embassy told ANI that the embassy is in touch with senior Afghan authorities and the government is also in touch with her family in Kolkata.


Meanwhile, Foreign minister Sushma Swaraj, in response to her sister’s tweet, assured Judith’s family that the government is doing everything possible to get her back safely.




D’Souza’s sister had earlier told the media that Judith liked the place and enjoyed her work. “But if such a thing happens, who would want to go back? The government of India must do something and get my sister back. I want her back," she said.

It was just last month that the Indian Embassy had issued a security advisory for Indians residing in Afghanistan and travelling to the country.

"All Indians residing and travelling to Afghanistan are advised that the security situation in the country remains highly volatile. Terrorist attacks have taken place in the country against foreigners and are expected to continue. There is also the risk of kidnapping and hostage taking throughout the Afghanistan. The Embassy advises all Indians in Afghanistan to live and work with adequate security precautions," the statement said.