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Independence Day 2023: 'Nation speaks for perform, reform and transform,' says PM Modi; see key highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation from the historic Red Fort, extending warm Independence Day wishes to India's 1.4 billion families and highlighting the nation's status as the world's largest democracy.

Independence Day 2023 Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses 77th Independence Day August 15 Celebration; key highlights AJR
First Published Aug 15, 2023, 7:45 AM IST

From the iconic Red Fort, Prime Minister Modi took the podium to address the nation on this momentous occasion. Extending his heartfelt Independence Day wishes to the vast expanse of India's 1.4 billion families, he highlighted the nation's unique distinction as the world's largest democracy. Recognizing India's remarkable position as the foremost nation in terms of population, he united the diverse citizenry in the shared celebration of this historic Independence Day.

Watch PM Modi's address here:

Here are key highlights from PM Modi's address:

8:55 AM - PM takes a dig at dynasty politics, says they are 'Of, For and By the Family'

PM Modi took a dig at 'dynasty politics' and said that some parties are 'of the family, for the family and by the people'.

8:50 AM - 'The village on the border is not the last, it's the first village of the country': PM Modi

PM Modi said his government has changed the thinking about border villages through its 'Vibrant Villages' scheme. "The village on the border is not India's last village, as was said before, it is the first village of the country," he said.

8:45 AM - 'Women-led development utmost priority': PM Modi

During his Independence Day speech, PM Modi said that women-led development will help India achieve its goals and reach new heights. He cited the increase in women pilots and scientists, and talked about how he talked about women-led development in G20, which was accepted by world leaders.

8:35 AM - 'Yeh Bharat na rukta hai, na thakta hai, na haarta hai,' says PM Modi

PM Modi said, "Yeh Bharat na rukta hai, yeh Bharat na thakta hai, yeh Bharat na haanfta hai, yeh Bharat na haarta hai (This India doesn't stop, this India doesn't get tired, this India doesn't pant, this India doesn't lose)"

8:28 AM - PM Modi announces Vishwakarma Yojna for workers

PM Modi has announced that the government will launch the 'Vishwakarma Yojna' for workers (like goldsmith, barbers, washermen and others) worth Rs 15,000 Crore next month on 'Vishwakarma Jayanti'.

8:25 AM - 'World is now watching us because of our commitment': PM Modi

"Holistic healthcare was the demand of the hour after Covid. We established a separate Ayush department and now the world is taking note of Ayush and Yoga. The world is now watching us because of our commitment," PM Modi said.

8:15 AM -  'In terms of economies, today we are 5th': PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that that in 2014, when his government first came to power, India was ranked as the 10th best economy in the world, and today it is 5th. "By constantly fighting corruption, we have ensured that economic prosperity has come for the common citizens today," he said.

8:10 AM - 'Reform, perform, transform, this is our motto': PM Modi

During his Independence Day speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that that in 2014, after 30 years, the country decided it was time for a change and elected a government that would guarantee them changes. "After I took over, my lakhs of bureaucrats began whole-heartedly working to transform the country across the length and breadth of the country," he said.

"Reform, Perform, Transform: this is our motto," he added.

8:06 AM - 'A new world order is coming after Covid pandemic': PM Modi

The Prime Minister said that just like the situation after World War 2, a new global order is emerging after the Covid-19 pandemic. "India becoming voice of global South, its prosperity is becoming an opportunity for the world. We are bringing the promise of stability to the world," he said.

8:02 AM - Country moving forward in agriculture space: PM Modi

PM Modi said that the country was making great strides in the agriculture sector.

8:00 AM - 'The country will give as many opportunities you want': PM Modi

PM Modi told the youth of the country that there was no limits to the opportunities in India. "This country will provide you with unlimited opportunities, you don't need to worry," PM Modi said.

7:55 AM - I have full faith in today's power of youth: PM Modi

PM Modi said that he believed in the power of India's youth to bring about great and revolutionary changes in the country.  He added that the youth of the country has made it proud by excelling and taking the country forward through the start-up ecosystem.

7:50 AM - We are lucky to have demography, democracy, diversity: PM Modi

"We are lucky to have demography, democracy, diversity," PM Modi said during his Independence Day speech. He added that this trio will make the country's dreams come true, and that the country's youth will carry forward the legacy and determination of the nation.

7:48 AM - Whoever came, looted us: PM Modi

PM Modi's speech talked about India's "enslavement", which started 1,000-1,200 years ago due to a "small incident". "Back then, we didn't know that a small incident could enslave us for a 1,000 years... whoever came, looted us," he said.

7:46 AM - The country is with Manipur: PM Modi at Red Fort

PM Modi invoked the ongoing violence in Manipur, and said that the country was standing with the people of Manipur. He added that there has been peace in the state for the last few days, and called upon everyone to work together to maintain peace and harmony.

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