Hyderabad: Devi, a human rights activist who wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Telangana high court against the killing of four persons accused of raping and murdering a veterinary doctor by police, on Friday (December 6), sought judicial inquiry into the matter and said that the "brutal killing" did not bring justice to victim or security to women.

"You (police) did not go by the book and showed your true insensitive colours. To cover it up, you went for the brutal killing. This did not bring justice to the victim or security to women across the country. We want judicial inquiry into the encounter case by an unbiased agency as per the law," Devi told ANI.

The four rapists were killed in an encounter with the police as they tried to escape while being taken to the crime spot in the wee hours of Friday.

She along with other women and human rights activists wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Telangana high court seeking legal action against police as per orders of Supreme Court and formulation of the independent panel of surgeons to conduct a postmortem.

"The court took in our letter and has requested bodies of the rapists to be preserved," she said.

While, the encounter triggered a chorus of praise from people across the country who saw it as speedy justice, concerns were also raised over it being alleged custodial killing.

"People are welcoming the killing because they have lost trust in the rule of law. Justice in this country is always delayed. On average, rape cases take five years in the courts," rued Devi.

She added that the people are "mistrustful" of the police system and do not have faith that justice will be imparted to the victim.

"Public hanging and execution do not deter criminal across the world. Arabic countries where such punishments are given are still unsafe for women. Where are you taking this country to?" the human right activist questioned.