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Human-centric globalisation: PM Modi sheds light on how India took G20 to the last mile, leaving none behind

In a blog-post ahead of the G20 Summit 2023, PM Narendra Modi sheds light on how India worked to further human-centric globalisation and ensure a collective spirit in furthering human progress.

Human centric globalisation: PM Modi sheds light on how India took G20 to the last mile, leaving none behind snt
First Published Sep 7, 2023, 11:49 AM IST

In an insightful blog post ahead of the G20 Summit 2023 in New Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi captured the essence of the ancient Indian philosophy encapsulated in the words "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam," which means "the world is one family." This profound outlook serves as the cornerstone of India's G20 Presidency, promoting unity and progress beyond borders, languages, and ideologies.

"During India’s G20 Presidency, this has translated into a call for human-centric progress. As One Earth, we are coming together to nurture our planet. As One Family, we support each other in the pursuit of growth. And we move together towards a shared future - One Future - which is an undeniable truth in these interconnected times," said PM Modi in the blog.

The Indian PM noted that the post-pandemic world order has ushered in three pivotal changes. "First, there is a growing realisation that a shift away from a GDP-centric view of the world to a human-centric view is needed. Second, the world is recognizing the importance of resilience and reliability in global supply chains. Third, there is a collective call for boosting multilateralism through the reform of global institutions," PM Modi highlighted.

Playing the role of a catalyst

In his blog ahead of the September 9-10 G20 Summit, PM Modi underscores the importance of mainstreaming the aspirations of developing countries, the Global South, and Africa. 

"Our G20 Presidency has played the role of a catalyst in these shifts. In December 2022, when we took over the Presidency from Indonesia, I had written that a mindset shift must be catalysed by the G20. This was especially needed in the context of mainstreaming the marginalized aspirations of developing countries, the Global South and Africa. The Voice of Global South Summit, which witnessed participation from 125 countries, was one of the foremost initiatives under our Presidency. It was an important exercise to gather inputs and ideas from the Global South. Further, our Presidency has not only seen the largest-ever participation from African countries but has also pushed for the inclusion of the African Union as a permanent member of the G20," he wrote in his blog published in his official website.

PM Modi highlighted the challenges an interconnected world faces are interlinked, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is a shared commitment. However, there's growing concern that progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is off-track, he further noted adding that the G20 2023 Action Plan on Accelerating Progress on SDGs promises to steer the G20 towards implementing these critical goals.

In the blog post, PM Modi also mentioned India's commitment to living in harmony with nature, rooted in ancient traditions and this continues to be a guiding principle. "In India, living in harmony with nature has been a norm since ancient times and we have been contributing our share towards climate action even in modern times," he said.

Constructive attitude to tackle climate change

Recognising that many Global South countries are at varying stages of development, PM Modi emphasises that climate action must be complemented by climate finance and technology transfer. "We believe there is a need to move away from a purely restrictive attitude of what should not be done, to a more constructive attitude focusing on what can be done to fight climate change," he strongly said.

The Chennai HLPs for a Sustainable and Resilient Blue Economy and the focus on clean and green hydrogen highlight India's dedication to a sustainable future, PM Modi further noted. "A global ecosystem for clean and green hydrogen will emerge from our presidency, along with a Green Hydrogen Innovation Centre," he wrote.

In the blog post, PM Modi stated that International Solar Alliance, launched in 2015, and the Global Biofuels Alliance demonstrate India's commitment to clean energy transitions and circular economies. He further noted that democratising climate action is key to its success, akin to the global mass movement for wellness through Yoga. "Just like Yoga became a global mass movement for wellness, we have also nudged the world with Lifestyles for Sustainable Environment (LiFE)," he stated.

Highlighting the concerns of food and nutritional security in the face of climate change, PM Modi said that Millets offer a sustainable solution that boosts climate-smart agriculture. "Millets, or Shree Anna, can help with this while also boosting climate-smart agriculture. In the International Year of Millets, we have taken millets to global palates. The Deccan High Level Principles on Food Security and Nutrition is also helpful in this direction," he wrote.

Prime Minister Modi also highlighted the transformative power of technology but emphasised the need for inclusivity. He wrote about India's success in leveraging technology to narrow inequalities is commendable and the commitment to help developing countries adapt and scale digital public infrastructure (DPI) aligns with India's mission of inclusive growth.

India's development story

Ahead of the G20 Summit 2023, PM Modi underscored that India's status as the fastest-growing large economy is a testament to its simple, scalable, and sustainable solutions. 

"That India is the fastest-growing large economy is no accident. Our simple, scalable and sustainable solutions have empowered the vulnerable and the marginalised to lead our development story. From space to sports, economy to entrepreneurship, Indian women have taken the lead in various sectors. They have shifted the narrative from the development of women to women-led development. Our G20 Presidency is working on bridging the gender digital divide, reducing labour force participation gaps and enabling a larger role for women in leadership and decision-making," he said.

India's pledge ahead of G20 Summit 2023

Noting that India's G20 Presidency is 'not merely a high-level diplomatic endeavour', PM Modi strongly said, "As the Mother of Democracy and a model of diversity, we opened the doors of this experience to the world."

With over 200 meetings across 60 Indian cities, hosting nearly 1,00,000 delegates from 125 countries, the G20 Presidency is a people-driven movement like no other, noted PM Modi. "Today, accomplishing things at scale is a quality that is associated with India. The G20 Presidency is no exception. It has become a people-driven movement. No Presidency has ever encompassed such a vast and diverse geographical expanse," he stated.

In conclusion, PM Modi said, "It is one thing to hear about India’s demography, democracy, diversity and development from someone else. It is totally different to experience them first-hand. I am sure our G20 delegates would vouch for this. Our G20 Presidency strives to bridge divides, dismantle barriers, and sow seeds of collaboration that nourish a world where unity prevails over discord, where shared destiny eclipses isolation. As the G20 President, we had pledged to make the global table larger, ensuring that every voice is heard and every country contributes. I am positive that we have matched our pledge with actions and outcomes."

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