The second day of implementation of GST is making things clear for the public, but the new tax system does not look promising for the common man. Now, with new prices in effect, you will have to pay Rs 32 more for LPG cylinders.

 LPG cylinders come under 5 percent of tax slab. The price of the cylinder is likely to increase by Rs 12 to 15 in the states that did not levy a tax on the fuel. However, the price of LPG will depend on the tax slab already existing in the state, prior to implementation of GST, reports Economic Times.

Now, the new rates will be determined by the gap between the GST rate and prevalent tax in states including VAT. This new tax system will also add to the reduction in the subsidy being provided by the government.

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In addition, the consumers will have to shell out extra for the two-year mandatory inspection, installation, administrative charges for documentation for new connections and additional cylinders. These services have been placed in the 18 percent slab under GST.

However, those getting the commercial cylinders can be happy as these LPG cylinders will cost around Rs 69 lesser than before. This is the result of placing commercial cylinders under 18 per cent tax slab, as earlier a tax of 22 per cent was levied on them.