West Bengal Mayor Firhad Hakim scoffed at the BJP’s unemployment program and said, “When the BJP came to power, it had promised to provide 20 million jobs every year. Let the BJP government calculate the 14 crore jobs in 7 years and then tell about all these bogus projects.”

Raghunath Patra, Coordinator of Haridebpur Kabatdanga Ward No.142, organized a blood donation camp. Mayor Firhad Hakim, Shubhashis Chakraborty, Mala Roy and Shakti Mandal were present at the blood donation camp. 

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From the event, Firhad Hakim said, “The BJP promised to give 20 million jobs every year when it came to power. It’s been already 7 years and they have done nothing. First give jobs and then talk about all these bogus projects. They can’t fool people in this way.”

On the other hand, he said about Article 357, i.e. the Presidential Act. Hakim said, “Mukul Roy and we used to work for Congress. We’ve been saying 356 for the last 34 years but it didn’t happen. These are the words to fool younger people.”

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Talking about Rajiv Banerjee, Firhad Hakim said, “Rajiv is my younger brother. He may have felt bad about something. That can be solved. Now if I speak against the party, the BJP’s event managers will print posters and spread them everywhere. BJP can’t fight directly. Let’s do politics with development then they will understand. Let him fight face to face without hitting back.”