At a time when regional allies are blaming the Congress for pulling them down and not being capable enough to fight the BJP, the grand old party's ally in Tamil Nadu, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam still has faith in its junior ally in the state. DMK'S National Spokesperson Saravanan spoke to Asianet Newsable's Mohammad Yacoob.

After Bihar, the BJP's next destination in Tamil Nadu...

Definitely, what happened in Bihar can never resonate in south India. South India is a totally different ball game. The issues that dominate north Indian elections can never have any relevance in south India. Here it is all about progressiveness and development rather than divisive issues.

After the Bihar election, RJD leaders accused the Congress of failing the Mahagathbandhan. In Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party said it will not align with Congress. Will DMK also consider doing the same?

As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, our alliance with Congress is in perfect synchronization. We swept when the entire country was voting for BJP and (PM Narendra) Modi. In Tamil Nadu, we were able to sweep them off their feet. The Congress-DMK alliance won most of the 38 (Lok Sabha) seats. So here it is different. The chemistry and everything is entirely different.

IPS officer Annamalai quit and joined the BJP. Kushboo too left the Congress to join the BJP. How do you see this?

See when it comes to Tamil Nadu, it can only be DMK and AIADMK. Any number of parties can come here, they will stay relevant. They will be able to gain traction only if they follow or adhere to Dravidian principles. BJP which says it is alien to meet Dravidian principles can never hope to succeed. They cannot gain a proper foothold in the state of Tamil Nadu.

So will the national party have any impact in the Tamil Nadu election?

In Tamil Nadu, only Dravidian politics and ideology will work. You will have to tell people what you are going to do for them. You will have to tell them how you are going to progress, make their life a little more wealthier, a little more better. You (BJP) speak about anything else, people are going to outright reject it. BJP here is fighting with NOTA (None Of The Above). So whatever they do will not have any impact.

BJP wants to gain entry into Tamil Nadu politics and build the party for the future. You think actions like the Vetri Vel Yatra will strike a chord with Tamil voters?

When they speak of Tamil Nadu, they will have to align with the Dravidian ideology. They cannot come here. The Central government cannot impose Hindi. They cannot spend Rs 600 crore for Sanskrit and come and seek votes in Tamil Nadu. People will see through them. 

BJP is a Hindi majoritarian party unless they shed the tag. BJP is always perceived as a party for upper-caste Hindus. They have always opposed reservation and the fanfare wth which they got the EWS for the upper caste, I think people in Tamil Nadu will not accept them at all.