Benglauru: Bihar is voting to decide the fate of the Nitish Kumar government.

The grand alliance of the BJP and the Janata Dal-United is facing resistance not just from the Mahagathbandhan of the Congress and Rashtriya Janata Dal, but also from Chirag Paswan's Lok Janshakti Party.

Even though he has refused to cross swords with the BJP, Chirag has openly declared war against Nitish and vowed to have him dislodged from the chief minister's post.

In an exclusive interview, LJP National Spokesperson Sanjay Saraf tells Asianet Newsable Correspondent Mohammed Yacoob about what led to the fallout. He also revealed that LJP would route for BJP candidate as next Bihar CM and more. 

Q: As Bihar will decided on who will govern them for next five years, what is LJP's position at the moment?

Sanjay Saraf: We are doing good. Chiragji's vision document 'Bihar First, Bihari First' is moving very fast on ground zero among people, particularly the youth from Bihar. We have around 60% youth from Bihar who have been ignored by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. So we are getting a very good response from the ground. 

Q: LJP's equation with BJP is good, but why has it turned sour with JDU?

Sanjay Saraf: 'Bihar First, Bihari First' was Chiragji's vision document, which we wanted to introduce into the common minimum programme. But unfortunately JD-U never wanted to have that thing. We had shown the same document to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. They were very happy to see that. When the same document when we showed to Nitish babu, he was very upset. He was like -- you know -- unsupportive. That is one of the main reasons why the LJP went against the JD-U. 

Q: LJP doesn't want Nitish to occupy the chief minister's chair again... 

Sanjay Saraf: Of course, and this time we are not fighting for CM's chair. We have nothing to do with the CM chair as far what we are doing today. As of now, we just want to have a chief ministerial candidate from the BJP because Nitishji has not been able to deliver. During the floods, 40% people had to leave their house. They were out of their houses for 10 days, 15 days, one month. He (Nitish) didn't bother about that 40% of the Bihar. So how will we support him? Chirag is young. He has a bright future. Why he will support that type of leader who is completely anti-youth? 

Q: Bihar is witnessing youth leaders locking horns. Why do you think Chirag Paswan has an edge over Tejashwi Yadav? 

Sanjay Saraf: There is a big difference between Chirag and RJD. RJD is working on caste factor. No doubt, they have a young leader in Tejashwi. But from day one -- one and a half years ago -- Chirag started Bihar First, Bihari First vision document. He has been talking totally for the youth, be it Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Dalit, Brahmin or Yadav. But RJD has always been part of Yadavs and Muslim. That is the major difference.

Secondly, they were (RJD) they were already part of the government. He (Tejashwi) was deputy chief minister. For two years, RJD and JDU were alliance partners in 2014. But he (Tejasvi Yadav) was not able to deliver at that time. On ground zero, people are discussing these things too. No doubt the youth are inclined to a youth leader. But Chirag has a better edge. 

Q: LJP is going hammer and tongs against JD-U, but BJP says Nitish will be their leader. What is your take?

Sanjay Saraf: They (BJP) are forced to speak for Nitish. Nitish, as on date, is simply the face of honorable Prime Minister. He has done nothing of his own. Yes, he has done some work, but that was after Lalu Yadav's 15-year rule. First five years, he (Nitish) did some work no doubt. But in the last two tenures, he has not been able to deliver. 

So Chirag and others are against CM Nitish being projected as CM's face...

Sanjay Saraf: Of course we are against Nitish as the CM face. We are contesting out of the NDA just because of Nitish. Let them (BJP) be, they have their own party. I have my own party. I have my own ideas, thoughts and views. They have their own ideas and thoughts. 

Q: In politics, nothing is guaranteed. Any feelers from RJD or Congress? Or could there be an post-poll alliance? 

Sanjay Saraf: No. Whether feelers come or not is not an issue. We are not interested. We have a national alliance with the NDA and we are part of that alliance. We will continue to be a part of the national alliance. 

Q: Is there a demand that with Chirag Paswan being an MP the Cabinet portfolio that late Ramvilas Paswan held should be given to him? 

Sanjay Saraf: There's no such demand. This is the prerogative of the Prime Minister. There has been no demand from our side. Why there will be a demand? If they (BJP) feel and Chirag thinks he is fit for the same portfolio, it is okay. Otherwise it is their (BJP) prerogative. We cannot force it.