Mumbai: A day after India expressed solidarity with France after a teacher was beheaded and French President Emanuel Macron was subjected to personal attacks, posters slamming Macron for defending the rights to publish cartoons of the Prophet surfaced in Mumbai and Bhopal on Thursday.

Posters of French President Emmanuel Macron were found pasted on a busy road in south Mumbai and were later removed by the police, an official said on Friday.

Pedestrians and motorists in the Bhendi Bazaar area spotted hundreds of posters of Macron, who is facing criticism from Muslim countries over a cartoon row in France, pasted on the Mohammed Ali Road under JJ flyover on Thursday evening, the official said

A video also surfaced on social media in which vehicles can be seen driving over the posters.

“Government of Maharashtra, what is happening in your government? India stands with France today. The PM of India has pledged to fight against France against the terrorism that is happening in Jihad France. Then why insult the French President on the streets of Mumbai?” Patra asked in a tweet posted in Hindi.

Several other BJP leaders also questioned the Maharashtra administration after the pictures of Macron were pasted on the roads of Mumbai. The state government is yet to comment on the matter.