Chennai: DMK leader RS Bharathi on Monday expressed regret for his comments comparing media houses to red light areas in Mumbai. He waded into a controversy by likening TV media houses and journalists to prostitution hubs, alleging fraud and money was their primary concern.

The Chennai Press Club strongly criticised the senior DMK leader's remarks and demanded an apology from him. The DMK leader expressed regret soon after and claimed that his intention was not to hurt anyone's sentiments.


In a video widely shared on social media, the DMK leader is heard asking why the media chose his party employing political strategist Prashant Kishor as a prime time debate.

In the video, Bharathi is heard saying Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal had taken Prashant Kishor's help. But why weren't those topics debated in media, he asked.

Hitting out at TV media houses, he said, "I am openly saying, there are no bigger scoundrels like the media. They are running their companies like Mumbai red light area. Just because they are getting paid, they make a headline out of anything. If Thalapathy (MK Stalin) goes to a temple, it becomes a topic for debate on TV channels. Is that the most important thing for the country now?"


Responding strongly to Bharathi' s comments, Chennai Press Club Joint Secretary Bharathy Tamizhan said instances of targeting journalists and media were on the rise. "The Chennai Press Club strongly condemns the lowly remarks made by the leader," the statement read.