Believe it or not, but cow dung can protect you from radiation.

This sensational claim was made by Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog chairman Vallabhbhai Kathiria.

Kathiria said that cow dung has the capacity to counter and reduce radiation and it has been proven scientifically. 

Listing the qualities of cow dung, Kathiria displayed a chip made from cow dung and said it will help prevent radiation affecting humans while using mobile phones.

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The cow dung chip named 'Gausatva Kavach' was unveiled on Monday. The chip has been developed by a Gujarat-based gaushala.  

In an interview to the Indian Express, Kathiria said, "More than 500 gaushalas are manufacturing such anti-radiation chips. They are available for Rs 50-100 each. One person is exporting such chips to the US, where it is sold at about $10 each.”

Interesting, Kathiria also admits that the desi technology is yet to be certified by a government laboratory.