The name 'corona' which, before the arrival of Covid 19, used to substitute for garland, crown etc, is present in the media since the spread of the pandemic across the globe. 

Then the trivia hungry media started to do stories on people who were named Corona by their parents well before the association of the name with the virus.

Now, in a latest development, a woman named 'Corona', who recently tested positive for Corona virus while carrying, gave birth to a female baby. Both mother and the daughter are absolutely healthy.

Artist Thomas, resident of Kollam Kadavoor Mathilil Kattuvila House, named his twin babies Corel and Corona 24 years ago. He named his son Coral and finalized a rhyming name for the daughter as 'Corona'. 
When Corona grew up, she was married off to an NRI businessman, Jinu. They have a son named Arnab. 

Corona was given a date for delivery as 24th of this month. But, she was confirmed with covid 19 post undergoing a test after she exhibited symptoms. 

She was shifted to Parippilly Medical College after confirming Covid 19. She gave birth to a girl child there yesterday night at 2.30 am.

"I had never expected her name to catch the media attention when I named her 24 years ago. I was just trying to rhyme with my son's name Coral." Corona's father Thomas told Asianet News. 

While she faced no issue with her name till now, people have now started to treat her differently and even tease her with a name, same as that of the Pandemic causing virus, he said.

Corona's treatment to get rid of Corona virus infection is proceeding at Parippilly medical College, and she is recooperating well confirmed the doctors.