The first person rape account of the 19-year-old woman, an aspirant UPSC officer, will send chills down your spine. On her way back from her coaching classes in Vidisha, the girl was apprehended by two youths who took turns in raping her in a drain. They were joined by two more people who raped her again before leaving her to fend for herself. Her ordeal lasted for over 3 hours.

DBPOST publishes her account in details:

I have completed my Higher Secondary school and am pursuing a bachelor's degree. I am preparing for UPSC exam from a private coaching centre in MP Nagar Zone-II. I commute from my home in Vidisha to Bhopal on a regular basis via train. 
On Tuesday, I left my coaching centre at about 7pm and was on my way towards Habibganj station on foot along the railway track. About 40 metres before the RPF post at the Habibganj railway station, a youth blocked my way and forcibly held my hand. The youth was of stout built with patchy facial hair. In an attempt to escape I kicked him. He tried to overpower me and called out to his friend Amar Ghuntu. 

Aided by Amar, who was a tall youth, they overpowered me and pushed me in to a nearby nullah. Then they dragged me under a culvert. I was repeatedly shouting and crying for help but there was no one to help me. I hit one of them with a stone. The tall youth also hit me on the back with a stone. They then tied up my hands and legs and gagged me and tore my clothes. They then took turns to rape me. 

Later, one of them Ghuntu- kept a watch on me while the other, Golu Bihari, left saying he was going to get me some clothes. He returned within 20-25 minutes with some clothes and asked me to wear them. They later took me to the other side of the culvert, where two persons were already waiting. Golu and Ghuntu were addressing one of them as Raju, who was about 30-40-years old. Those two persons also raped me. 

After they were finished, they escaped with my mobile phone, watch and earrings after untying my hands, legs and mouth. 
I managed to reach the Railway Protection Force (RPF) station and informed them about the incident. I borrowed a mobile phone from a RPF personnel and called up my dad who also works with RPF. He later came to Habibganj and took me to his official residence in RPF Colony, Bhopal, where I narrated the ordeal to my parents." 

According to a TOI report, Amar and Golu were brother-in-laws and were married to two sisters. In fact, it is also being said that the accused Golu Bihari was out on bail after being charged in her infant daughter's murder.

The ordeal does not end here

Even though she is the daughter of a cop, the police took 24 hours to register her FIR. Moreover, they also mocked her for coming up with a "filmy story". According to a report by the Times of India, her father is a sub-inspector with the paramilitary forces and her mother works with the CID. It was only after the girl identified two of the culprits and her parents nabbed them that the police registered an FIR. But, even that came with multiple rounds of various police stations. 

An SI was sent to the spot of the crime and told the parents and the victims to go to the Habibganj police station, who again redirected them to Habibganj GRP. It is at the third stop that an officer mocked the girl. 

Compensating for the insult that was flunged at the woman, the police department suspended SI RN Tekam of the MP Nagar police station on Thursday for not accepting the girl's complaint. The victim's father, speaking to the media said, "While coming from Habibganj, my daughter saw two of the rapists loitering in front of Mansarowar Complex, which is around 500 metres from the spot of crime."