A lower court judge in West Bengal has been charged for taking bribes. The Calcutta High Court has found much evidence of this allegation in the internal investigation. 

Due to the allegation, the judge named Fatikchand Mandal has been suspended by the Calcutta HC for the time being. A sheristadar has also been accused in this incident. The name of the sheristadar is Debashis Shyam. The court will suspend him too. 

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On March 7, 2020, Judge Fatikchand Mandal made some unethical changes in his order. In the injunction of a title suit, he first instructed to allow it, and accordingly, a certified copy was issued. But later, he cut the word allow and wrote the word refuse, and gave a note below. As a result, even if the injunction is allowed at first, it is later recorded as refuse in the same guideline. 

A complaint was lodged with the district judge of Hooghly against Judge Fatikchand Mandal. The incident took place in Arambagh court. During that time, Fatikchand Mandal was working in the Civil Jazz Senior Division of Arambagh Court. Sheristadar Debashis Shyam's name is involved in this incident. The district judge sent the chargesheet to the Calcutta High Court.

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The Calcutta High Court has been conducting an internal inquiry for the last few months. The chargesheet alleges that Fatikchand Mandal cheated the people by taking bribes. An internal inquiry of the Calcutta High Court also raised the issue of bribery. Evidence and information have been found against Fatikchand Mandal.

As a result, the Calcutta High Court decided to suspend Fatikchand Mandal for the time being. Accordingly, Judge Fatikchand Mandal was suspended from all duties on Friday (December 18). A guideline to this effect was also conveyed to him by the Calcutta High Court. He is currently serving in the Civil Jazz Senior Division of Diamond Harbour Court.