Whistleblower Border Security Force (BSF) soldier Tej Bahadur Yadav who through a viral video exposed alleged massive corruption in the Army has recently released another video. In the new video, he questions PM Narendra Modi’s determination to drive away corruption from India. 


in the recent video, the jawan has claimed that he is being tortured and also that no one has paid any heed to the allegation he made in the previous viral video. In this approximately 90 seconds video he said that his mobile phone has been confiscated on January 10 and following this, he claims that his account is being tampered with to show affiliation with Pakistan. 


He further said in the video that "I want to ask the Prime Minister, that the food quality I had shown in the video was true but despite investigation has been conducted and I am mentally tortured again and again.”


“Why is this happening? As it was the Prime Minister who wanted to eradicate corruption from the country and hoping the same I also showed corruption within my department. Is this the result of pointing out corruption?”


The BSF jawan also alleged that his Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) has been stopped after his video went viral.


Watch the full video here: