Brigadier’s extra-marital affair with colonel's wife earns him loss of seniority

First Published 12, Oct 2017, 2:54 PM IST
Brigadiers extra marital affair with seniors wife earns him loss of seniority
  • The Brigadier was sentenced by a general court martial
  • He accepted that he had committed adultery with a Lieutenant Colonel’s wife
  • The Brigadier earlier, denying his guilt, had said his wife was trying to sabotage his chance for promotion

“Stealing the affections of a brother officer’s wife” is what earned an Army Brigadier a severe reprimand and loss of seniority by 10 years.

The sentence awarded to the Army Brigadier was handed over by a general court martial presided over by a Major General and six other brigadiers. The case came to light in January this year.

The brigadier in question, pleaded guilty to the charges levelled against him and he accepted that he had committed adultery with a Lieutenant Colonel’s wife. Earlier news reports said the Brigadier and his senior’s wife first claimed innocence but were done in when the Brigadier’s wife submitted messages exchanged between the two. The Brigadier had claimed that this allegation was being levelled by his ex-wife because she wanted to affect his progression in the force.

Reports say that the disgraced brigadier was commanding a crucial infantry brigade of the mountain division to be deployed on the front with China. The division was stationed in West Bengal. The sentence given to him means that he will not be eligible for the rank of Major General if he chooses to continue working in the Army.

He has further had other charges slapped against him. He was also being investigated for alleged misuse of sahayaks and other charges related to his responsibilities during the visit of a foreign military delegation.

Since the Army man accepted his guilt, his sentence has been reduced to this over the 5 years rigorous imprisonment that the crime normally entails. Earlier such an act mean dismissal from service and but the Supreme Court intervened and said that adultery could not be made grounds for a man’s dismissal from service.