Bengaluru: Prakriya Hospitals in Bengaluru has hired bouncers and beefed up security to ensure protection for its doctors and other staff.

The hospital has done so to prevent increasing physical assaults on its doctors, staff, and management by COVID-19 patients' families and friends.

It is reported that many COIVD-19 patients’ friends and family create ruckus over the huge bills or limited bed availability.

Prakriya is among many other hospitals in Bengaluru that have tightened security and hired bouncers to safeguard their employees as well as infrastructure.

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It is reported that the hospital is one of many that have witnessed anger over mounting bills and no or limited availability of beds leading to assaults.

Speaking to a news daily Dr Srinivas Chirukuri, CEO, of Prakriya Hospitals said "In such conditions, our staff are helpless and will have to face the people who accompany the COVID-19 patients. Despite many appeals, the police were not able to provide us security, understandably as they cannot expand their men at the service of the hospitals".

Dr Srinivas further stated that patients' relatives and friends become violent when hospital staff informs them that no beds are available for coronavirus patients.