To avoid duplication, skipping of night beats, the South East division police under Bengaluru Commissionerate has taken e-beat route. Under this new system, 1,300 locations have been pasted with QR code stickers and every cop in 13 stations under the limits is supposed to download the app and scan the code during night rounds.

The Subahu mobile application that works on smartphones and tablets of cops will send an instant message to the DCP and the owners, houses, organisations where the QR code stickers have been put up.

Speaking to Asianet Newsable, DCP South East, Isha Pant said, “I can track the moment of each beat police while am seated in my office. The idea is to intensify beat patrolling in my jurisdiction."

The QR code system that was put into effect last month has been getting good response from the public as they say in the traditional book system was susceptible to damage and tampering.