After an accident, family donates brain-dead son's organs to save 4 lives

First Published 15, Oct 2017, 12:37 PM IST
After an accident family donates brain dead sons organs to save 4 lives
  • 21-year old Manan met with an accident, which had left him brain dead.
  • Manan was heading toward office after dropping his younger brother to a friend's house.
  • His family decided to donate his organs, which saved four lives.

In a heart-warming story in Jaipur, a 21-year-old accident victim's family donated his organs to save the lives of others.  A resident of Malviya Nagar in Jaipur, Manan met with a road accident on Saturday, which left him brain dead. Even in grief, his family took a tough call of donating his organs to others who were in need.

Manan Jain's liver was sent to a patient in Medanta NIMS Hospital, while his kidneys were transplanted to two patients at the EHCC Hospital. His heart was sent to Fortis hospital in Okhla, New Delhi.

On October 8, Manan who was a call center employee, dropped his younger brother at a friend's place and was heading toward office on his motorcycle at 10:45 am. A car rammed into his bike in Adinath Nagar. He was immediately admitted to the EHCC hospital where after 5 days he was declared brain dead. 

His family expressed a desire to donate his cadaver, which is when his organs were harvested and sent off to various hospitals. Speaking to the DNA, Manan's uncle Mukesh Jain said, "We were aware of organ donation, so the family discussed it. Though our family is in deep sorrow as we have lost our child at such a young age, there is also an overwhelming pride that he has given new life to four others."

Manan's remains were cremated on Saturday evening at Jhalana crematorium. Calculating the number of people who need organ transplantation, the DNA report states that nearly 1.5 lakh people are declared brain dead annually, only due to accidents. About 2 lakh kidneys, 50,000 hearts and 50,000 livers are also needed for transplant every year. It is estimated that even if 10% of the brain dead patients were harvested for organ donation, there would be no requirement for living patients to donate organs.