In Malda district of West Bengal, a 14-year-old Muslim girl was brutally beaten by village headman after she protested against a child marriage of a girl. The victim is a Class VIII student named, Beauty Khatun, who went to attend a wedding reception where she discovered that bride is a minor. When she protested, she was trashed mercilessly and had to be hospitalised. 


According to a report in The New Indian Express, when Khatun saw the bride at the reception she got suspicious about her age and protested against the child marriage. She also mentioned that police would nab the people responsible for this wedding. The bridegroom family got intimidated, and since the village headman is a relative of the family, he started hurling verbal abuses at Khatun.


Soon after, the village headman along with his family members started beating her up, and when her parents tried to save her, they were also beaten up. Khatun’s parents have filed a complaint against the village headman and five others at the Women’s police station. 


About the child marriage, the local police station is investigating into the case, and the Block Development Office in the area has asked for the age proof of the bride and the bridegroom. 


It is a sad state of affair in a country that is fighting against child marriage, and a minor is beaten up for opposing the same. Also, this incident happened in a state that is governed by a female political leader, Mamata Banerjee who is known for her strong opinions.