Makwana, a native of Junagadh in Gujarat, has seven children says he decided to complete his education as he felt that he needed to be on par with his family members.

All his children are well educated and hold either a masters or bachelors degree. He has three sons and four daughters.

Makwana, is the vice-president of district Congress and also runs a students' hostel.

About his mother, he says:

"Even though she is illiterate she has knowledge of everything, even more than an educated person might have."

The 70-year-old, however, has one thing in common with the other students appearing for the boards, he too hates Mathematics. He but is quite fond of Sanskrit.

On how he prepared for his exams, he says, he was helped by the students of his hostel.

"Despite a tight schedule, I made sure to dedicate two hours to study every day. And I did not feel the need to take up coaching despite taking up studies after so many years. Actually, I run a students' hostel and they showed me the syllabus for class 10. For math exam, students of the hostel taught me sums till 3 am. And I have to live up to their teaching," he told Times of India.

Parbat Makwana is truly is an example, which proves that age does not matter, what matters is how far are you ready to go to fulfill your dreams.