Actress Samantha is the brand ambassador for handloom products of the Telangana government, and she is lately promoting handloom clothes through fashion shows and social media. 

She is seen visiting many factories where handloom sarees are been made. A few months ago Samantha went to Pochampally in Nalgonda district in Telangana which is famous for Pochampally Saree or Pochampalli Ikat. These sarees have traditional geometric patterns in Ikat style of dyeing. 

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Seen her passion towards handlooms sarees and apparel minister for IT and Industries K. Taraka Rama Rao showering praises on the actress. Last month, she launched her new business venture 'Tweave' in partnership with the Telangana Government. She said that reviving handloom has become her mission. The 30-year-old actress also assured people that she would do everything in her power to change the lives of the people working in the handloom sector of the state. 


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According to reports, Samantha will be presenting modern handloom clothes to her relatives and friends in her wedding. She has also customised some ethnic clothes for her wedding. With this Telangana government will surely get some free publicity and promotion through their brand ambassador's wedding.


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