'Abhrahaminde Sandadikal's' first official trailer has been released on June 6. The film's trailer is successful in keeping the audience on the edge of the seat with the elements of suspense. The movie will release on June 16. Mammootty's salt and pepper look in the trailer has received positive responses. Social media is buzzing with encouraging comments for the new look of Mammootty.

The first scene of the trailer is a zoom out shot where the audience can see media, police officers and three coroners and a body of a man. In the second shot, the camera pans out to a dark rainy day where a man wearing black coat walks with his back to the camera.  

In the next scene in a car parking slot, there is another dead body and coroner. The man in the black coat walks in the rain again. The next shot is from inside the car, with a statue of Jesus in the background, the scene opens to a shipyard. 

Then comes the aerial shot of a bridge, followed by the man walking in the rain. In the next scene, Mammootty walks out of a Kochi registration car in style and is seen shooting down a stranger for asking him who he was.

After few seconds we can see blood dripping from Mammootty's hands who waits for a car in the middle of the road. In between of every shot, the names of crew members appear. One common thing in all the posters is a knife which pierces through the names.


The music by Gopi Sundar is haunting.

Shaji Patoor, who has been working as assistant director for more than 20 years, is debuting as the independent director with 'Abrahaminde Sandadikal'.

In the movie, Mammootty plays the role of a police officer named Derek Abraham. Anson Paul will play a significant role along with Mammootty. Kaniha, Ranji Panicker, Siddhique, Kalabhavan Shajon and Yog Japi are the other major stars of the film.

Haneef Adani , director of Mammootty's previous movie movie Great Father has written the screenplay. Joby George is producing the film under the banner Goodwill Entertainments. Alby is the cinematographer, Mahesh Narayanan the editor, Gopi Sundar is the music director, and Santosh Raman is the art director.