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Vikram Sambyal, a Young influencer spiraling his way in the entertainment world

He believes in giving his best and turning ordinary opportunities into extraordinary successes.

Vikram Sambyal, a Young influencer spiraling his way in the  entertainment world RCB
Bangalore, First Published Sep 17, 2021, 2:44 PM IST
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Of the many things that garnered people's attention and turned their heads, the emergence and the rise of many young professionals across fields and sectors, especially the digital space, made the most headlines. The way youngsters of today create opportunities for themselves, instead of only waiting for the right ones, take them towards their definition of success and help them achieve even what may seem as unachievable. One of the reasons why the younger brigade is doing so well across industries is because they follow their gut and instinct and believe in their dreams and potential. Serving as one such fearless professional, an actor and influencer is Vikram Sambyal, originally from Jammu.
Ask him what drove him towards the idea of becoming an actor and influencer, and the youngster quickly replies, saying, "I always knew I was a creative soul. Just like any other kid in India, who is highly influenced by the movies and Bollywood, I was too. I wish to make my mark as an actor and influencer, and for that, I am all excited and elated."
The pandemic changed many things for many across the world; for Vikram Sambyal, too, it changed his life as he rose as an Instagram influencer. Had he also lost hope and given up as many others did, he wouldn't have reached a position to influence others through his prowess on Instagram. He highlights that tough times also offer people hidden opportunities, which they must recognize and act on. He did the same, which led him to become the Instagram influencer he is today.
Talking about his journey during the pandemic, Vikram Sambyal says that he took out time to concentrate on the workings of Instagram. He learned the "its and bits" of the influencer niche, understood algorithms, and honed his creative skills to create more engagement. This helped him reach more people, increase his following and great visibility.
Vikram Sambyal has also been giving his best to hone his skills as an actor, expand his knowledge and improve his craft. Here's wishing Vikram Sambyal all the luck for his journey as an actor and influencer.

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