Nagaraj who boasts of the support of over 5000 members of the autorickshaw drivers' union took to Facebook to post his reactions live. 


He pointed out where, according to him, Sathyaraj and Rajamouli had gone wrong. "Sathyaraj has made anti-Kannada remarks. Sathyaraj had equated mother Cauvery to wife. He  said to 'sleep with his wife he does not need others permission'. Ignoring these facts Rajamouli cast him in his film Baahubali. Worst is that Rajamouli was born in Karnataka but he says he does not know to speak the language," he said. 



The film crew is busy in doing business and does not even have courtesy to apologise, he added. Nagaraj further warned the actor to tender an apology. And said, "If he fails to do so. I will be forced to use abusive  Mandya language. By seeing this, the auto drivers in TN will slap him. He may see this video or not,  but I am sure his followers who call him 'Anne'  Will watch. Let them explain to him about consequences. Come what may we will not allow screening of his and Rajamouli's films in Karnataka."      


"I posted this video just days ago and over a lakh have watched and 700 people have shared, he added. Nagaraj said he will release another video criticising director Rajamouli.