The fact that Arjun Kapoor does not share a warm and healthy relationship with stepmother Sridevi is one of Bollywood's worst kept secrets. Arjun's father, Boney Kapoor, had fallen in love with Sridevi while she had taken shelter at their home during her struggling days. When Arjun's mother, Mona, got to know about Boney and Sridevi's love affair, she chose to leave the house along with her kids. 

Both Sri and Arjun maintained a stoic silence whenever confronted with unpleasant questions about each other. But it was at Karan Johar's chat show that the Gunday actor finally made a statement about this. On being asked about his equation with his stepmother, Arjun replied that for him Sridevi will just remain his dad's wife and he can never consider her his mother. He also added that his own mother, Mona, had taught him never to disrespect anybody that is the reason why he has always been respectful and courteous towards her. 

Spilling more secrets about his relationship with Sri, Arjun added that since his father cares for her, he would never do or say anything to hurt him. However, he also added that he knows that his family can never be like any other normal family but he holds no grudges against anyone. 


Arjun's mother, Mona, passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2012.