Actually, even I had gone to Kamakya theatre in a bleak hope of getting tickets for the Kirik Party. But the person concerned declared that there was no chance of getting a ticket for even the last show of the day. Of course, I wanted to watch Dangal too, so went in to watch the movie being screened in the next theatre, which also ran almost houseful. People surely enjoyed watching Dangal and there were claps after the each match and many were seen emotional at the end. 


But when I came out of the theatre, where the audience of both the theatres has to pass through the same gate, I heard people on high speaking about Kirik Party. They were all praises for the movie and some even were talking about coming back to watch the movie.


So far, mass audience has always supported stars like Darshan, Sudeep and Yash with full-house shows. Rakshit Shetty is a popular actor and was much appreciated for his directorial debut movie Ulidavaru Kandanthe and his act as ‘Richie’ in it. Though the movie won many hearts, it was not a mass puller.


But this time directed by Rishab Shetty and starring Rakshit Shetty, Kirik Party is surely a mass puller as people all over Karnataka are thronging all the theatres screening the film. The film was released in 155 theatres across the state.


However, it was not an easy path for the path-breaking film as two days prior to its release, the popular music studio Lahari Recordings brought a stay on the release of the movie, alleging that notes of the song (Madhyarathili Highway Rastheli) from 1991 movie Shanthi Kranthi were used for the Kirik Party’s ‘Hey Who Are You’ song.


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However, the film crew approached the High Court and got permission to release the film on December 30 as decided.


Even when this happened, people extended their support to the Kirik Party team. Some even trolled Lahari Velu for filing the case just two days before the release of the movie, even though the songs were officially released on December 2.


Thus Kirik Party was not only a good way to end 2016 but is also an awesome way to start the New Year.


I hope to get the ticket for the movie at least this week. Will be back with the review. Till then even I join the protesters in their slogan, ‘We want tickets’!