Bollywood actor Sridevi passed away on Saturday night after a cardiac arrest. She was 54. Not only was the veteran actress known for her beauty but also for her dancing skills and acting chops.

She was also hailed as India's first female superstar.

In fact, her charisma was so great that legendary Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, who was making Jurassic Park in 1993, wanted to cast the actress in a small role in the film. However, she was at the peak of her career and felt the role didn’t meet her stature.

Had she acted in the Spielberg movie, Sridevi would have earned the credit of being the first Bollywood heroine to be featured in a Hollywood movie.

Back in Bollywood, Sridevi refused to do Darr with Shah Rukh Khan because she felt her role was very generic. “After Chandni and Lamhe, I feel Darr would have been an ordinary character for me. If I’m playing Shah Rukh Khan’s role, then of course, I would have loved to do it. The character Juhi played was new for her and so it was good for her. But for me, it was something I had done many times before,” she had told the media then.

This shows the diva that Sridevi was and the power she commanded over her roles.